Crowdfunding Help? An article on White Pig

My crowd funding article for actionprintcut is online! A great resource for filmmakers by the way…

More and more filmmakers are trying their hand at crowd-funding. …Overall, it’s well worth it and a great, intense experience and I wish to share some of the experience..

..Remember again, crowd-funding is not a magical way to fund your movie but see it as stepping stone and it gets your movie some exposure and gives it a helping hand to move it forward.

I hope my crowd-funding experience can help you. I’ve already had several filmmakers get in touch with me after they saw my campaign and they were inspired. If I can inspire you too, that’s fantastic…I say go for it!

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Very Good article on Danish indie film. I get a mention or two which is cool. Check it out:

Taking a break on set.

White Pig Movie

#whitepig #nordicnoir #movie

#whitepig #nordicnoir #movie

White Pig movie begins.